Outtakes from an interview with Ronny Moorings


Could you by the way remind us of the meaning of your band name ?

" Clan" means a close knit group united by a common interest or common characteristics and Xymox is the name I wanted to give myself as a Pseudonym way back in the early eighties, but later I decided just to use my own name. I liked Xymox so it stayed. Xymox is a bastardized version of the word Zymotic, Hence, Clan of Xymox
Why did you change the name of the band from Clan of Xymox to Xymox and then back again to Clan of Xymox?
To confuse you and the rack jobbers in the record store:)
OK, every time we changed the name it was a sign there was a certain change for the band and it's direction.


Why did you change at times the LIVE line up or a band member?

Playing live and touring is a hard life sometimes. It takes a lot out of people. I am the sole founding member, say the core of the band, together with Mojca and we work with people we know from Leipzig & Berlin . The (past) band members have their own lives and jobs to go to when we are not touring with Clan Of Xymox . Of course sometimes it will happen that it is no longer possible for someone to keep touring with the band because of their job or study or plays once and a while with us. That is why gradual changes sometimes takes place. This does not affect the music nor the music writing in any way because I (Ronny Moorings) write and record all the songs on my own.

When you tour? Will you play old songs as well?

Of course.
We try to give a very balanced repertoire and revise and update our set on a regular basis.

Will you play in our country soon?

I recommend reading our tour page regularly because we update this site all the time. The tour dates listed are the dates confirmed. If your country is not listed it simply means that so far nothing is booked there. Don't despair though because we book shows all the time. It depends on your local promoter if we play in your town or not , so you can always ask your favourite venue to book us. All contacts for that are on our home page.

Words of General Advice in the case you cannot find an album in your local record store ?

I prefer myself buying direct from the i tunes store or on line from Infrarot.de , amazon.com / de/co.uk or what Clan of Xymox is concerned I would suggest directly ordering from them because it is cheaper.

A lot of music stores have limited space and stock up most of the time very commercial music, it does not mean they cannot get a record you want.
Sometimes people can't find in their local record store the album they are looking for, instead of walking
out of the shop you can ask if they can order it for you. Most stores have a computer (linked with a distributor)
where they can order it straight away for you.
Your request is most of the time also a good signal to the local store that certain bands
are in demand in their neighbourhood and in future they might be clever enough to stock a few copies.
With this action you support your favourite band and the label they signed to. Of course you can order our albums on line listed on our site ...and now you have it really easy if you have i-pod , just go to the i-tunes homepage.

Are you against downloading?

No , as long as it is from a legal site like i/Tunes or similar. For the average band it takes 2 to 3 years to write and record music and that time needs to be compensated. If an artist does not get income from their work I guess most will look (have to) for something else to do , simple as that. So if you cherish your artist then you support them by buying their album, as simple as that. Also you would not get spyware on your computer if you download from say i tunes

On which record label Clan of Xymox now?

We have our own Label and Publishing company called simply Xymox Control and license all our material through Trisol in Europe and Metropolis Records in the USA and other territories.
Xymox Control is not really an active label in the classic sense of the word but just a vehicle to control all the processes concerning the releases.

How come Wikipedia in English delivers such a poor version of your history?

The page is for years in possesion of a hostile editor who does not allow any changes. He seems to have a morbid pleasure to distort the history of the band and keep the last 20 years practically out of the picture.

I do not have any desire to even attempt to alter this because I would have to give up my normal life in order to get to know all the codes involved editing this page on Wiki. It shows how unreliable a page can be when it falls into the wrong hands. Enough said We provide a way more extensive bio and on Facebook you get up to date info. If there are any questions you can always ask there.