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"All I Ever Know "  video by Ronny Moorings you can see here on YouTube

A brand new E.P. " All I Ever Know is now released ( July 3 2020 ) The EP contains remixes from Ash Code , Hapax , Hord and Tempers. There are 2 B sides included written during the " Lockdown"  .  Artwork by Mojca



We made it to the full 8 weeks in the DAC charts with 7 weeks on the number 1 slot. That is for us an absolute record! Thank you all for making this possible.


For weeks on end we are still number 1 in the DAC charts. Thank all for making this possible !


This week of May 20th 2020 ( Ronny's Birthday ) the second single " Lovers " reached number 1 in the DAC Charts ! See FB news as well


This week " Lovers" came in on number 3 in the DAC charts ! yay!


Here is our brand new video of " Lovers ". Again made by the very talented Zoe Kavanagh and her team in Ireland.


Our second single " Lovers" will be out on 24 April 2020



Ronny Moorings did guest vocals on Kylie Minogue's cover version of Invisible

" Can't Get You Out Of My Head"

Here is the news from Andrea Morsero from Invisible :

The song is an arrangement of the famous hit of 2001 by Kylie Minogue, interpreted in a dark and rarefied version, thanks also to the featuring of Ronny Moorings, leader of Clan of Xymox, historical band of the world dark wave scene, also mentioned by Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails as one of his major sources of inspiration.
"I always thought that this song had a deep and in some ways unexplored character and I intended to extrapolate its most turbid and obsessive aspects, trapped between words and flowing on the skin: what is not told when a love story ends ; what is not erased in the mind. The song was arranged and produced together with one of my closest collaborators, the Bolognese producer and musician Gianluca Manini and mastered by Max Paparella. » (Andrea Morsero)
The single, mastered by Max Paparella arranged together with the Bolognese producer and musician Gianluca Manini, is accompanied by a fascinating video clip directed by Andrea Rovati and Simone Fratti.


--Here is an interview with Ronny Moorings for Gothic Empire , the corona chronicles.


Eight weeks, (the maximum a single can stay in the DAC charts) we were in the DAC charts with our single " She". The highest position was nr. 1 and the lowest number 4 just this week. So thanks all for having us in the top of the Charts for such a long time. Hopefully our next single "Lovers" will do good as well.



Here is a music / video piece called COVID-19 made for you . It was already published on our Facebook page but now got upüloaded on Youtube as well. We hope you will enjoy it.


We sincerely regret we had to cancel the remainder of the USA tour due to the COVID 19 epidemic outbreak.
The only sensible thing to do is to refrain from public gatherings until further notice. All our shows are postponed to a later date in the year or into next year. We hope you will stay well and healthy.

Keep watching our tour page for updates. Most shows will be re scheduled. Please visit our official Facebook site for more current updates and news.
Yours sincerely

Clan Of Xymox



This week we are number 1 with the single "She " in the DAC charts ! Yay!

Thank you for your support !


The new single " She" went straight to number 2 in the DAC charts ! ( week 9 -2020)


We proudly present our new video of the single " She "

The video is directed by Zoe Kavanagh who also directed our "Loneliness" and "Vixen In Disguise" Video


Fan video of the Ash Code Remix


A brand new single " SHE " will be released digitally on the 14th of February 2020

Pre order now !


We updated our shop appearance



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A new USA tour is added : Part 4 in March 2020



A Brand new single will be out in February 2020. We keep you posted for the latest news on our Facebook page.


The USA tour Part 3 starts on the 8 th of November 2019 in Denver, CO , USA

For detailed info and links please go to our tour page .


For detailed info also see our Clan Of Xymox Official Facebook profile


Coming up : Whitby's Tomorrow's Ghost Festival. We play 1st of November 2019.


South America was a blast . Have a look on our Facebook page for the videos and pictures.



On our way to South America ! Chile , Brasil & Argentina, here we come !

See tour page for details


Mojca @ NCN Festival in Deutzen , Germany Sept 7, 2019


Proudly we present our Clan Of Xymox beer brewed in Mexico :


Clan Of Xymox beer . Cerveza official de Clan Of Xymox !


Proudly we present our new video " Leave Me Be" made by instagoodpromotion .

Please share the link with your friends. Thank you !



Latest news and updates always at our Facebook Profile for live dates check out our tour page or our Facebook events page .


New LTD edition 2 CD of " Twist Of Shadows" is now out on Pylon Records




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Further News


Live in MEXICO 1 December2018


Live in Moscow 08.12.2018





Twist Of Shadows will get a re release on vinyl through Pylon Records USA. The release will coincide with Clan Of Xymox's USA tour part 2.

Have a look what's all included : Twist Of Shadows on Vinyl 2018


The USA tour Part 2 is coming close. Please get your tickets in advance as many shows are close to being sold out. Some are already . Just follow the links to get the tickets or go to our official Facebook page and see our events list. Go to : tour dates here.

Our first USA show starts at the Dracula's Ball in Philadelphia


Feb / March 2018 USA tour news :

We updated all our ticket links. Hurry up because it will likely sell out soon.

go to our Tour page .

See you soon !


Here is the link for our new video :

" Vixen In Disguise"

Again directed by the talented Zoe Kavanagh .

Starring Cris Ryan & Martin O'Sullivan.


Pre order the LTD Vinyl edition of " Days Of Black " HERE

from Fantotal.



Here is the premiere of our brand new video " Loneliness" . We recorded it in Dublin, Ireland. Made by the -up and coming- award winning Zoe Kavanagh ( Demon Hunter) Here is the link put up by Trisol Records :
We hope you will enjoy the video as much as we do ! Let us know your thoughts and please spread the news by sharing this . Thank you.


New ! Album player ! Here you can listen to snippets of our new album to be released soon !


"Days Of Black " Album of the month ! ( Orkus music magazine)


Clan Of Xymox video release soon . The video was shot in Dublin , Ireland by award winning director Zoe Kavanagh


Our brand new studio album " Days Of Black" will be released end of March / early April 2017

by Metropolis in the USA and other territories

and Trisol in Europe

please click the link above for further info or pre order

Digital release order here:

i Tunes

Amazon Mp3

Amazon CD


"Days Of Black " tour dates 2017 added

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Clan Of Xymox Live August 1 , 2015 in Sibiu, Romania


You can order " In Love We Trust " unique Vinyl release on :


New 2015 tour dates added


3 tracks of Clan Of Xymox are included in the US movie " The Guest" .The Guest (2014) is an American psychological action thriller film, directed and edited by Adam Wingard, and written by Simon Barrett. Needless to say that we are very pleased by this. The sound track is available here



Amphi 2014 was great:




Spanish tour dates added for 12 &13 September ( see TOUR)


Finally we have our own shop. Yes, you read this right. Now you can order various Clan Of Xymox items like T-shirts, mugs, buttons etc. here from our shop.




Matters Of Mind Body and Soul is number 1 at the European Alternative Charts for four consecutive weeks!

2014 A brand new studio album release is announced for Valentines Day named :" Matters Of Mind, Body And Soul", which explores its signature, melancholic sound, as evidenced by standout tracks such as “I Close My Eyes”, " Love's On Diet" and I’ll Let You Go.”
CLAN OF XYMOX pull out all the stops and deliver energy, ideas and creativity as if they were about to release their debut album – and not their 15th studio work. „She is Falling in Love“ shines with lost melodies and vibrant electronics as if Ronny Moorings made a song with DEPECHE MODE, „Kiss and Tell“ shyly kisses the Wave era on the cheek before daring a fatal love affair with classic Goth dreaming.
" Matters of Mind, Body and Soul“ melts contrasts like these into a coherent, harmonious, passionate album that would have become one of the genre's biggest milestones 20 years ago. Yet, thanks to Ronny Moorings ingenious craft, even today this album manages to reach a goal that has long become unreachable for other contestants of this art form: To deliver a timeless, deeply emotional Gothic record.

A worldwide tour is announced for 2014 on the TOUR page



"Matters Of Mind, Body And Soul" is the title of the new Clan Of Xymox album, to be released on 14.02.2014. Yes, deliberately on Valentine's Day !

you can pre order in Europe at Infrarot

and USA at Metropolis Records or all other outlets


The mastering of the new album is finished and we will work now on the artwork. Further a sneak preview for the 2014 upcoming live dates you can find on our tour page.


February 2014 will see a brand new studio album of Clan Of Xymox.
The recordings are finished and in September the mixing of the tracks will start. A new tour will be planned for 2014 to promote the album.
The intention is to release the album on Valentine's Day, since the general mood we can already say is quite romantic.


The year has started for most people way too cold, with the coldest March ever since records began.

Ideal to start writing songs for a new album.


First of all we wish you all a very good and happy 2013.

We added some live dates for 2013 already. Thank you for your interest.


Latest news and updates always at our Facebook Profile for live dates check out our tour page Last updated: November 2012New album release named 'Kindred Spirits' out now !!

You can order it here: USA - Europe

“Kindred Spirits”, an exceptional new work from the realms of the Dutch scene founder and passionate artist. True to its title, Moorings did not exorcise a new CLAN OF XYMOX studio album, but assembled an intimate, strongly biographic collection of cover songs that has been compiled, recorded and visualized as passionate as was formerly only done with the legendary mixtapes of old. After a trip into the own musical past on “Darkest Hour”, now is the time for a travel back to the artists’ musical idols, influences and soul mates – and there is a lot to discover on the way!

“Kindred Spirits” assembles eleven cover versions, entirely played, sung and recorded by Ronny Moorings. And what a selection it is: “Blue Monday” by NEW ORDER, “Question Of Time” by DEPECHE MODE, “Decades” by JOY DIVISION, “A Forest” by THE CURE or “Alice” by THE SISTERS OF MERCY may be songs one would have expected on Ronny Mooring’s perennial playlist anyway; the manner in which he reawakens these tracks to a new CLAN OF XYMOX life, however, astounds and enthuses more than was deemed possible. Warm, organic, somewhere between wavy Electro and fog-clouded Goth Rock… these honorary tributes show a completely new side of CLAN OF XYMOX –  and revive immortal classics as a pleasant side effect. More surprising is a song like RADIOHEAD’s “Creep” that even after the first listen sounds like a well-known CLAN OF XYMOX track and was most skillfully interpreted. Pieces from DAVID BOWIE (“Heroes”, of course), SHOCKING BLUE, DEPARTMENT S, NINE INCH NAILS as well as SIOUXSIE AND THE BANSHEES (sung by Mojca Zunga) complete an extraordinary release brimful with emotion and nostalgia.

Not only the song selection proves that “Kindred Spirits” is far from a profane cover album – also the almost sacred character with which Ronny Moorings worked on this record stands for its special worth. The songs chosen are of great value to him, influenced him and doubtlessly helped him through the one or the other dark hour – in the same manner as the music of CLAN OF XYMOX did this for countless other people. “Kindred Spirits” is an album, as personal as an evening with Ronny Moorings and his record collection. A lesson in soulful music – seen through the eyes of a hopeless music lover.



Regular pictures of the tour and further updates on our Facebook profile


Brasil date added, 100% confirmed


Vinyl release Limited edition

order now at
150 Classic black vinyls
150 Colored vinyls
* “Hidden Faces”  -  12” LP
* “Creatures” -  12” LP
* “Notes From The Underground” -  12” LP
* 10” Bonus EP

+ two A3 size posters


"The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo" USA release 21st December 2011

The track "In Your Arms Again" of our latest album "Darkest Hour" is featured in David Ficher's movie

"The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo". Needless to say we are very proud to have a track next to Trent Reznor, Brian Ferry, Enya and others. The release is 21st of December, yay :))

Further news : Orkus Magazine in Germany included on the DVD the song "Delete " from the concert of Clan Of Xymox at the Amphi festival 2011. Further it includes an interview with Ronny Moorings.


For the ones who missed it, we are also on Facebook , a more interactive medium for the band and fans.

Russian release of "Darkest Hour" by Gravitator

:: gravitator records : gothic-industrial-synthpop label ::


Ronny managed to get some extra publicity with a speeding ticket, money (€20) well spent :)

Speeding with Ronny Moorings (Clan Of Xymox)
Clan Of Xymox news : Here's a light headed news in-between all the seriousness. Clan Of Xymox frontman Ronny Moorings has been caught speeding somewhere in Germany today and decided to post his mugshot (behind the wheel) on his Facebook page. Full details on this Clan Of Xymox news item after the ju...


Clan Of Xymox is happy to announce the birth of Ronny & Mojca's baby girl named :


She was born on the 23rd of September. The Clan gets again an extra member ;)


September the second will see a new release from Big Blue Records :

Live At Castle Party 2010 ( CD and DVD) it already reached number 1 at the Dark Wave charts!

"Darkest Hour" reached (this) Week 32 : Number 3 in the DAC charts!



"Darkest Hour" reached this week number 5 in the DAC charts. The band is currently on tour and will add further dates as soon as they are 100% confirmed.

Expect some big news items to come out . The best place for interactive news is of course our Facebook profile for Clan Of Xymox


We have a brand new video of the song " Delete" posted on youtube.. Our album" Darkest Hour " is released this weekend!

This track " Delete" is the more retro electro side of C.O.X.

We hope you enjoy it.



New promo pix up ( go to : new promos)


Here are the Labels links for your pre order:

Europa Mailorder : Trisol/Infrarot :

"Darkest Hour"

Wie würde der klassische Dark Wave der Achtziger heute klingen? Welchen Weg würden die frühen Kultbands des legendären 4AD-Labels mit den Möglichkeiten der modernen Welt einschlagen? Antwort auf diese Fragen liefern die Urgesteine Clan Of Xymox mit ihrem schicksalhaften 13. Studioalbum "Darkest Hour" - einer beeindruckenden Reise durch das Gestern, Heute und Morgen düsterer Goth/Dark Wave-Klänge.


-- is an official endorsed homepage. A shop is opened there and the first items

are already for sale. Posters / Stickers etc.Please check it out!


Direct from Metropolis our new album "Darkest Hour "pre order available online now :

Metropolis Mail-Order // Darkest Hour

darkest hour

Ronny Moorings’ passion for huge, sensual melodies, mystical sound experiments and seductive dance rhythms is as unbroken as it ever was. Melancholy, energy and determination rule “Darkest Hour”, a record whose tracks “My Reality” or the hypnotic club hit “Delete” will work on any dancefloor, but that also delivers gripping entertainment and world-class Goth hymns with “Dream Of Fools” or the breathtaking “Wake Up My Darling”. Crowned, as usual, with Ronny’s unmistakable vocals instilling the necessary dark passion into his Dark Wave elegies.

An impressive 30 years have passed since the founding of CLAN OF XYMOX – a period being revisited on the new album and leading to ten modern Dark Wave classics ready to be instantly introduced into the canon of gloomy music. To be released on Ronny Moorings’ birthday, “Darkest Hour” is music for the night, is music for life and for death, is music for eternity.



The mixes of the new album are completed and the album is now mastered for a world wide release in May. Live dates are being booked and you will find already some dates on our tour page .


First of all we would like to wish all of you a very good new year!

We like to announce that on Ronny Moorings's Birthday < 20th of May 2011> will see a brand new release of Clan Of Xymox.


November 9 Metropolis Records USA will re release the album Hidden Faces including extra bonus tracks and artwork. The album was released originally on the now defunkt label Tess.


Further a first of Vinyl will be released by the Greek Label Darkside . A box with 3 LPs, 1 bonus 10" and something extra. The release will be somewhere in January or early February 2011


A NEW Clan Of Xymox album is expected early next year -hopefully- spring 2011. We will keep you updated with the title information as soon as it is available.We already know that the new material will appeal to all fans of the band ! Clan Of Xymox will continue their tour in 2011.


Some might already know through our facebook news that Mario is again back with the band on stage.

Mario had to -due to some health issues- take time off to recover but is now fully back in action since Bucharest


For the Dutch speaking fans the re might be something of interest:

The VARA investigates if there is some humor in different music scenes , here is the Gothic "investigation" at Summer Darkness , featuring Ronny and C.O.X.


The ones who have been attending Clan Of Xymox‘s concerts may have noticed Mario‘s absence due to a prolonging illness. Mario will however join the band in their live ventures very soon again.

The advice for him is to get his strenght back by not traveling too much.


For the ones who are not too familiar with face book : Clan Of Xymox has now also a Facebook , so please have a look as it is more interactive than a normal homepage.


Metropolis is going to re issue the album Hidden Faces which will contain 16 tracks including 3 bonus tracks and full booklet !


If you want to hear a remix done by Ronny Moorings, you can so on the Spider Lilies ( ex Cruxshadows)myspace page It is the Mirror In The Dark remix by ( obviously) Clan Of Xymox remix ( you have to scroll down to the 6th song.)


Clan Of Xymox was spotted amongst the audience at WGT in Leipzig. They seemed to have a good time!


Just back from Londons fantastic Gotham 11 festival show, we can now confirm an exclusive New York appearance by the band on September the 4th 2010 . So now the band can finally answer their American fans and friends .........." yes , we come to New York " :))



The next ( 14th of April ) Sonic Seducer Issue will include the song -Emily- exclusive live video from the Moritzbastei show in 2009


In LIMITIERTER AUFLAGE erhältlich: Die The Best Of CD und die Visible DVD als 2 Disc Set mit neuem - überarbeitetem - Booklet!

Pandaimonium Records has issued a special LTD edition of the Best Of Clan Of Xymox including an 18 track bonus DVD "Visible" for the low price of 13,49



A new interview is published by D–Side Magazine (Italy) in Italian & English


Clan Of Xymox is taking a short break and will be soon back with news for 2010.
In the mean time the first tour dates for the year are posted under the tour section.


We would like to thank all of you for your support you have given us and wish you all a very good and Happy New Year 2010.

Hopefully we will see you next year at one of our live shows. In the mean time enjoy our new album:)


We just had the sad news that La Loco in Paris , France is closing down this week. The Moulin Rouge takes over the building and plans to convert it an addition to the Moulin Rouge. La Loco tried to prevent this from happening but lost the appeal last week and has to close immediately.
A real shame as the club was an institution in Paris since 1985.
We wish the team of La Loco success in finding a new location soon for the next year.
Needless to say is that our concert in Paris is postponed till further notice...
For the ones who don't mind traveling a bit from Paris to Waregem ( borders with France) , please come there !

Further goes our heart out to Jan K. Barkved (and his family) from Elusive ( on Pandaimonium Records) we were notified he was found dead in his apartment a few weeks ago... R.I.P Jan.

We hope that this is the end of all tragic news this year...

This week the album In Love We Trust and the single Emily are currently both Number 1 in the Dutch Underground Charts


Pictures of the current tour are added on the myspace site of Clan Of Xymox




The single Emily is currently number 1 in the DUC charts !

Further In Love We Trust is climbing steadily in the DUC and DAC charts (Top 10 ,no 4 so far), so overall very good news. Thanks to all the DJs voting for Clan Of Xymox into the charts !


The label Big Blue in Poland will domestically release the album soon !

An interview with Ronny Moorings and COX tracks will be broadcasted on 5th of Sep 2009 starting from 00.05 (Friday/Saturday night) at Polish Public Radio Programme 3.

You can listen to the show if you click here

Neues Interview mit Ronny Moorings (auf Deutsch)


The long wait for the European release is to an end. The release is today ( 28th Aug ) also now digital available through i-tunes and the like in Europe.


Endlich ist das warten zum ende. Jetzt erhältlich bei i-tunes

Jetzt bei INFRAROT erhältlich !!


Metropolis will soon offer Clan Of Xymox T-Shirts for sale. One is with the beautiful artwork of In Love We Trust and a regular Clan Of Xymox T-shirt.You can order these soon on Metropolis.


The album is out in the USA and Russia , in Europe the release will be the 28th of August. Russia :

The new tour ( In Live We Trust Tour ) starts in Nürnberg where the band will feature some new songs of the new album.

Lots of articles about the Clan Of Xymox you will find in the kiosk near you : Orkus , D-Side, Sonic Seducer, Gothic Magazine (including the remix) Dark Magazine , Dark Culture Mag., Ritual, Nocturnal Mag.etc.etc.


review from Dave Cordes

5.0 out of 5 stars
In Xymox We Trust, August 18, 2009

You can pretty much anticipate the release of a new Xymox album like the changing of the seasons. Here I was just thinking that it was about time for a new Xymox album to come out and behold... here it is! Yet another traditional purchase made on blind faith and as always the Clan does not disappoint. Ronny's passionate droning vocals and electro-goth synth keeping the alternative movement going in the 21st century without sounding archaic or dated nor should we come to expect anything less from the brilliant Clan from Amsterdam, with elegant cover art provided courtesy of the ever talented Mojca.
In Love We Trust begins with the obsession of "Emily" and is evocative of Xymox's elemental ecstasy and the Emily single EP makes an excellent companion piece with brilliant remixes (Emily, my Emily, my Emily...) and continues with the hymns of "Hail Mary," the deception of "Desdemona" and the betrayal of "Judas." You can hear Ronny's bitter sorrow on "In Love We Trust" to the downbeat yearnings of "Sea of Doubt" and the melancholy of "Morning Glow" will leave you longing for more. The ballad-like "Home Sweet Home" follows about a disembodied soul transitioning to the elegiacal melody of "Love Got Lost" and concludes with "On A Mission" which was released previously on the Heroes EP and is slightly altered and improved here. There's really no need for comparisons to their previous works because each consecutive release in their repertoire is just consistently good especially coming off their last album, 2006's brilliant Breaking Point, but "a rose by any other name would smell as sweet."
The Clan keep forging ahead making the music they want to make and we just keep loving them for it. Past and present collide with a resplendent timelessness and It's hard to believe this band has kept going for 25 years and they never get old with a longevity and sustenance that consecrates their music like fine aged wine. In Love We Trust should more than satisfy your wanton Xymox thirst until their next imminent release. In the meantime, pour yourself a glass, put your playlist on REPEAT and enjoy.


Metropolis Top 10 Sellers
Week of August 16, 2009
01 Clan Of Xymox · In Love We Trust
02 Informatik · Arena
03 Informatik · Re:Vision
04 Dope Stars Inc. · 21st Century Slave
05 Psyche · Until The Shadows
06 Grendel · Harsh Generation
07 Wumpscut · Fuckit
08 IAMX · Kingdom Of Welcome Addiction
09 Grendel · Prescription: Medicide
10 Wumpscut · BloodChild



Whilst you were all on holiday ;) Ronny Moorings made a remix of the brand new song "In Love We Trust" for Gothic Magazine and a remix

for the very successful German band ASP for their upcoming single " Im Märchenland"


The Emily single is now also downloadable from on today through i Tunes in Europe

Die neue single Emily ist ab Heute auch erhältlich bei i Tunes in Europa

The Emily single is now downloadable in the USA through i Tunes. We hope you like it !

Further: Clan Of Xymox articles appeared in Orkus and Sonic Seducer. In the Netherlands a big article appeared in the summer issue of FRET. When we know about more publications we will let you know.


Pre orders can be made for our new album "In Love We Trust" in Europe & USA , release August 18

The stunning new opus adroitly combines the early melancholic 4AD sound of the band with the glimmering synthesizer sounds of the 90s and the power of classic darkwave. Past and present are perfectly combined to showcase the music that has kept Clan of Xymox relevant and popular after all this time. With this release, Clan of Xymox demonstratively returns to its roots while nevertheless remaining up to date. After spending the past two and a half decades forging a path for others to follow in the dark music scene, "In Love We Trust" proves above all that their creative potential is a long way from coming to an end.

Jetzt bestellen auf Infrarot !

Pida ahora en Infrarot !

Below : single out July 10



Info: With the strictly limited to 999 pieces single "Emily" Clan Of Xymox gives a promising outlook for their subsequent full-time album. "Emily" cleverly combines the early 4AD melancholy sound of the band, with the flickering synth sounds of the 80s and the dark power of the classic Gothic.
Past and present are combined and the music is to what Clan Of Xymox has always been identified with. Pulsating, sleek Dark Electro Goth, elegiac and powerful, emotionally and beguiling. Clan Of Xymox presents themselves with this piece "Back to The Roots" and yet contemporary and above all prove that their creative Potential is at their absolute peak.
The single includes the title track in three versions including the exclusive track "Chemistry" including a T shirt . The hearts of all fans of Clan Of Xymox will surely beat faster.

COLLECTORS ITEM : Order fast at Infrarot only !




Info: Mit der streng auf 999 Stück limitierten Single "Emily" geben Clan Of Xymox einen vielversprechenden Ausblick auf ihr nachfolgendes Fulltimealbum. "Emily" verbindet geschickt den frühen melancholischen 4AD Sound der Band, mit den flirrenden Synthesizersounds der 80er und der dunklen Kraft des klassischen Gothic. Vergangenheit und Gegenwart werden auf vollendete Art und Weise kombiniert und die Musik ist endlich wieder das, was Clan Of Xymox immer ausgemacht hat. Pulsierender, schnörkelloser Dark Electro Goth, elegisch und kraftvoll, emotional und betörend. Clan Of Xymox präsentieren sich mit diesem Stück "Back to the roots" und dennoch zeitgemäß und beweisen vor allem, dass sie mit ihrem kreativen Potiential noch lange nicht am Ende sind.
Die Single enthält neben dem Titeltrack in drei Versionen mit "Chemistry" noch einen Exklusivtrack und wird die Herzen aller Fans von Clan Of Xymox höher schlagen lassen.

COLLECTORS ITEM : Bestellen Sie schnell auf Infrarot


WGT 2009

At WGT 2009 Clan Of Xymox played for a full ( Clara Zetkin ) Park Bühne.

WGT 2009 : Clan of Xymox Spielen für ein volles Haus ( Clara Zetkin ) Park Bühne


Clan Of Xymox playing for a full Parkbühne: Ronny @ WGT 2009



and the audience goes further from left to right : on the picture Mojca @ WGT 2009


for more pictures go here


We have now set a new date for Mexico City DF : September 19.
We hope all this business with the flu has passed by then.


Further good news is that all the mastering for the new album is done. The wait is now for the worldwide release date: 18th of August 2009. We will first release the single Emily with 2 remixes( one done by Ronny himself and the other by Contrast, a b-side and goodies for the limited edition on Trisol (apart from the single version Emily all other tracks will not be availble on the album of course). New band photos will be posted soon on this site as well.

For the limited edition you better react fast as no reprints will be available when sold out! Expected release date for Emily is July the 10th. (or a bit sooner, we keep you posted)

Further we will be working on a new live set plus extra dates later in the year.



Due to the flue outbreak and possible highly contageous epidemic currently in Mexico the promoter and the band have decided to postpone the show to September 2009. 

The goverment in Mexico cancels all public meetings ( such as shows etc.) The airlines over here decided not to fly to Mexico .The Goverment over here advises not to travel to Mexico so there is no way the show could happen on May the 9th. 
We wish that the current situation will not grow further into a pandemic.
Details of the exact date will follow shortly.
We wish you all the best of health!

Debido al brote de influenza y la posibilidad de que sea una epidemia altamente contagiosa en México actualmente, tanto el promotos como la banda hemos decidido posponer el show para septiembre 2009
El Gobierno Mexicano ha decidido cancelar todo acto público como los espectáculos Las líneas aéreas de acá decidieron no volar a México Y el Gobierno de acá nos ha recomendado no viajar a México, así que no es posible que el concierto se lleve a cabo en Mayo 9.
Deseamos que la actual situación no crezca en una pandemia.
Detalles de la próxima fecha, serán avisadas en breve.
¡Les deseamos a todos muy buena salud!


Clan Of Xymox have returned from Lima, Peru. Needless to say they had the time of their life. Hundreds of fans awaited them at the airport,screaming their heads off. After such a long flight this was a real wake up call;)
Thanks to the prefect organization of Fallen Angel Prod.the venue Voce was packed to the hilt.The Peruvian audience is one of the loudest on the planet;)Many encores followed the set. A real party!

Fallen Angel Prod. took the band each day on several highly interesting trips in Lima and the surrounding desert , visiting historic archaelogical sites and too many places to mention. A special thanks goes out to Victor and Cynthia for making it all happen!
Photo's of the trip you can see here!


Dope Stars Inc. will release a new album in April on Trisol called "Criminal Intents & Morning Star"

including a cover version of Clan Of Xymox , Jasmine And Rose.


It is official , Clan Of Xymox signed a new Record Deal with Trisol Music Group GmbH for Europe.

The USA signing to Metropolis remains unchanged. The dates are set for the new release......

Here is our statement regarding the amicable change of label:

After almost 14 years , five studio albums, one Live Album, one Remix Album, a DVD set and
The Best Of plus a good amount of singles both Clan Of XYMOX and Pandaimonium Records decided to go seperate ways.

As chewed up as it sounds, the separation happens in a very good atmosphere and no bad feelings are involved from any side.

Ronny comments: "It was always great working with Steph of Pandaimonium , he will always remain my dearest friend and I have no complaints whatsoever concerning Pandaimonium , it was just simply time for a change" , while Steph of Pandaimonium adds: "it was a great time working with Ronny and I honour his trust and friendship over the past years.

Steph : "And even though it's said 'never change a winning team' it's also said that the only constant thing is change. The timing couldn't be better. Pandaimonium is ready for a restart after a break in 2008 while Ronny has a brilliant album in preparation. Good luck my friend :-)"

The new album of Clan Of XYMOX will be released in August 2009 on Trisol Records & Metropolis Records, wile the backcatalogue remains with Pandaimonium Records. A brand new single will be released in June 2009.




We used the quiet period to do some long overdue updates on our site. For example the live pictures section is now up to date and way clearer as it was. We hope you like it.


We hope you had all a great new years party and you do not have too much of a hangover:)! We wish you all the best for the coming year and of course wish to thank you all for your support and being interested in our band.

We put up also a facebook for Clan Of Xymox , go to Facebook/clanofxymox


The touring for this year nearly comes to a close. Needless to say that it was a fun year with a great response. Next year will a continuation of the tour and we are booking shows right now for the next season. The album release will be most likely in spring 2009. It always takes some time for labels to set a date for release..

The last shows Clan Of Xymox played already an unreleased track (Emily) from the upcoming album and it seems people pick up on it immediately. We hope to see you all at a gig near you ;)



Finally after some legal wrangling i tunes has taken off the scam artists who sold the single Hypnotized illigally under our name Xymox.(this is NOT a track of us!!)They will change their name so hopefully it is the last we ever hear from them. Legal actions always take time and our feeling is that they counted on that fact. For any official news/releases and updates always look here first. The band keeps on touring before Ronny can go back in the studio to finish off the new album.


please be warned!

it came to our attention that some idiots ( Contrasena Records) in Spain released a single called Hypnotized under our name Xymox . This of course has NOTHING to do with Clan Of Xymox or Xymox. This is a blatant attempt to sell their crap to our fans. Luckily these days you can pre listen to tracks so it should be clear that it has nothing to do with Xymox.

so please be warned!

Here you can tell them what you think about their little stunt :


We have written to the label to remove this and destroy that piece of garbage.


new Rome date added


COX is working on dates in South America for early next year


The writing for the new forthcoming album is coming to a close.

In the period May and June Ronny is back in the torture chamber working on the last leg of the forthcoming studio album.


Clan Of Xymox is for the last 4 months still in the Amazon top 10 best sellers charts of the U.K. and the Netherlands. ( highest position of each album so far: no 1


The U.K. & NL Amazon top 100 ranks with nearly all Clan Of Xymox albums.

The normal version of the DVD Visible is now available again.


Clan Of Xymox just came back from the festival in Whitby. They stayed at the pittoresk fishersmans village called Robin Hoods Bay. Some personal photos of it , plus the Abbey of Whitby you can see at their myspace site . The Whitby festival was fantastic. With thousands of people gathering there it looks and feels magically. The Saturday was the warmest recorded so far in the year, so all were very lucky they did not get the usual British weather :) Plus thumbs up for the organisation!


The guestbook is now fixed, you could for the last 3 weeks not leave messages but it works again.



The limited double DVD Visible is already SOLD OUT in its first week of release.

The unlimited version according to Pandaimonium Records will be available mid April, but you can order the normal version already at their mailorder site.


Video A DAY Live @ Mera Luna 2006 added on YouTube


A new concert is added for Mexico City , July 11th


DVD Visible for the last 4 weeks on Infrarot Number 1 position.


The DVD should be on its way to you or already in your possesion when ordered. It will be in the shops now as well.

Also for the ones interested in the albums Headclouds and Metamorphosis will be happy to know it is now downloadable at etc. Soon also on i-tunes , so the whole catalogue is almost completely available digitally.


Unfortunately our Guestbook is on the blink , people cannot leave messages. This is due to the server of the Guestbook. They say it will be fixed if you want to say something , just e mail us.


At the moment we have the DVD in our possesion and we checked it through completely. All is working great and will be lying in the shops after Easter soon. Direct orders can be made with Pandaimonium Records.

Thanks all for being patient with us and we hope you all will enjoy it as much as we do. Happy Easter !

Here is already one review of Orkus in German :

So knapp der Titel Visible auch anmutet-das, was dahintersteckt, ist es beileibe nicht. Gleich zwei digitale Scheiben haben Clan Of Xymox mit haufenweise Material vollgestopft. Dabei sieht man Ronny Moorings, Mojca Zugna und Band meist auf der Bühne agieren,besteht ein Großteil der Videos doch aus Live -Aufnahmen. Die fallen recht unterschiedlich aus, schließlich wirkt ein Gig im dunklen Club mit einzelnen Lichteffekten ganz anders als eine Show auf der riesigen Open Air-Bühne des M'era Luna oder Zillo-Festivals. Beides sicher reizvoll, wobei eine ziemlich gute Auswahl getroffen wurde. Gleiches lässt sich zur Wahl der Songs sagen. Von absoluten Klassikern a la This World und Louise bis zu frischen Stücken wie We Never Learn oder Heroes ist einiges vertreten.
Zum letzteren Bowie-Cover gibt es denn auch einen Clip in Schwarzweiß, der zwar nicht mit spektakulärer Technik aufwartet, aber dafür mit viel Persönlichkeit und Ideen. Generell strahlen die beide DVDs eine gewisse Indieattitüde aus, wurde doch die Mehrzahl der Aufnahmen ohne professionelle Kamerateams gestaltet und am Ende von Fronter Moorings selbst bearbeitet und zusammengestellt. Das macht die Sache für Fans besonders interessant,Visible überzeugt einfach mit einer Menge Authentizität. Abgerundet werden Clips und Live-Videos noch durch etliche Backstageimpressionen und gar ein kurzes Interview. Letzteres hätte ein wenig umfangreicher oder irgendwie spannender ausfallen dürfen. Aber man sollte es wohl eher als kleinen Bonus sehen, immerhin bietet das Material schon wirklich viel Clan Of Xymox.


Back from Lodz

It was a very hectic period and Lodz was the last show for this month. Clan Of Xymox has seen their share of airports, terminals, and rental cars. The band left for Poland with Ronny having the flue although at the night of the concert he miraculously recovered and could do the whole set plus the many encores without any problem. Matter of fact the band steamed up for a big party time mood resulting in an extatic show with lots and lots of interaction between the audience and the band. The audience in Lodz is one of the loudest audiences in Poland !

We all our glad that this night was unforgettable for all.

Back from Spain

Clan Of Xymox returned today back from a successful 3 dates tour ( Valencia, --see bootleg video A DAY taken in Barcelona & Madrid)in Spain. All went smoothy, a perfect organisation, nice weather, great audiences, in short all were happy:). The schedule was demanding but it was all worth it!

Next stop Lodz, Poland :)





We hope you all survived the year 2007, may it be a good year for all of us!

Here again some further update : release date DVD" Visible ": March 21,pre sales start at 25th of February

Further live shows are booked for the year 2008


Clan Of Xymox just returned from their concert in Moscow. It was agreat experience for the band who never played in Russia before. The band played in the club Tochka,played 4 encores, got flowers thrown on stage ( and even a bra) , signed autographs, talked to many fans, visited the night before their concert the club Strangle and went sightseeing
(together with Assemblage 23 )on the very cold wintery Red Square.

You can see HERE a video taken from their performance.



So finally - FINALLY - we have some news on the DVD!
We are happy to let you know that the DVD will be released as a double DVD (DVD2 will be limited though), and will cover 28 video clips (from classics such as A Day, Louise and Out Of The Rain up to new songs like Weak In My Knees and Heroes) plus an exclusive interview with Ronny Moorings, many live clips and some - very funny - backstage scenes.
We had to wait for quite some time for the age approval , which is set now on 12 and over. This meant unfortunatly extra delay
Just - if you planned on a X-Mas present for your dearest one - sorry, we postponed the release to mid/late January 2008. We'd rather wanted to give our best instead of rushing to be in time for the x-mas sales. For environmental reasons we also decided to release this Double DVD in a double-CD case. Why waste all the extra plastic?


Clan Of Xymox have added a profile on

this in addition to their profile. Also on this page you can listen to a selection of songs or watch videos of the band.


Clan Of Xymox is currently in the Amazon top 10 best sellers charts of the U.K. and the Netherlands. ( highest position so far: no 1)

The U.K. & NL Amazon top 100 ranks with nearly all Clan Of Xymox albums.


Finally Clan Of Xymox is done with their DVD ( named : Visible) and will be mastered soon. (to be released this year)

The DVD contains roughly 24 videos ( including material from the Mera Luna show 2006) and WGT 2006 , normal clips plus an exclusive interview about the making of te DVD with Ronny Moorings plus two videos with impressions of their traveling / behind the scenes sort of thing. We keep you updated about the release date as soon as we know it.


Ronny Moorings appears as a guest singer on the Other Day's new release Passage des Sens-Fall: Wockenfuss. The song is called Augenblick Schlaflos which is partially sung in German and English.

Also Ronny contributed a remix of the same title.


Get the player SNOCAP for Clan Of Xymox here


banner code Clan Of Xymox for Myspace ( copy & paste) :

<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="http://" border="0" alt="Image and video hosting by TinyPic"></a>


May 2007

The E.P"Heroes" is out. In the USA available by download only. In Europe available as CDS.

new reviews are added in the REVIEWS Section

Heroes will be added to the live shows.

April 2007

You can see the brand new video from the forthcoming single "Heroes" on Youtube.
It is the slow industrial version of Heroes.

March 2007

The new single "Heroes" of Clan Of Xymox is set for release May 18th. The single contains two interpretations of the original track of David Bowie. It is not simply a cover of this great song but interpreted as such. One version has a more slow industrial approach and the other is a more say ,pop like approach. The single will also contain a brand new hard edged song aimed at the scene's dance floor. Further a bonus track will be included.


On youtube you can find an official video of Clan Of Xymox performance at M'era Luna 2006 festival.M'era Luna is considered together with WGT ( Leipzig) as the worlds biggest festival for the dark scene.

January 2007

We hope you had all a good Holiday Season.

Download legally all titels of Clan Of Xymox from i-tunes. You can click or go for precise info to our discography page ( releases collumn) where you are directed to i -tunes.


Please show your support for any band by legal downloads only.


A new single is planned for release in April. There also will be new material and a cover version included. We keep you updated when the exact release date will be.


For the ones who have heard that Clan Of Xymox is planning a tour in Australia : The original scheduled period was March 2007 but will be pushed back for the reason that unfortunaletly not all venues could be alligned together in the same period . Therefore is decided to push back the dates possible later in the year. We keep you as always informed.


December 2006


The 1997 release of Hidden Faces is now added to the i-Tunes store for the USA and Europe.


Clan Of Xymox wishes everyone a very good holiday season and all the best for the next year.

We wish to thank all of you for your support of the band and we hope you will continue to do so in the future.

This page will finally be updated in the next year with additional photo's. Videos of Clan Of Xymox you can find on or on our video link page.

-For the ones who are new here: all our records are available at i-tunes and the Hidden Faces (1997) album will be added in the beginning of next year in the USA. Hidden Faces includes 3 bonus tracks and is completely re mastered.-

October 2006

Clan Of Xymox unfortunately needs more time for the production of the DVD as anticipated. Instead of releasing a full concert the DVD will contain various materials of concerts, clips, out takes, an interview etc. The band will take a break from live shows for a while to dedicate their time fully on the production of the DVD and a new single.

September 2006

Clan Of Xymox will come out with a live DVD of their Paris show recorded early this year in La Locomotive. The DVD will be at least 1 hour and 30 minutes long. The final edits are made as we speak by the French director Bernard Filipetti from Escape video. The DVD is definitely for the ones who were never able to make it to a Clan Of Xymox show in a regular club or of course everyone else who wants to have a first Clan Of Xymox DVD.
The release date has to be set yet but we do everything possible to make it still in this year!

we keep you updated here!


Ronny finished a remix for i: scintilla with the song scin

August 2006

some live dates added


As you might have noticed we were off line for a few days but now It works again. Some of you have to reset the marker to:
Clan Of Xymox just finished playing the sold out festivals in Poland, Holland and of course one of the biggest Mera Luna ! Again the band stood in front of a 30.000 audience and gave a great show.

Clan of Xymox will continue touring and will slowly add more songs of Breaking Point in the set for the club tour later in the year.


July 2006

It works again :)........


Due to a malfunction at our Guestbook (Dreamhost) we cannot read/open your messages. We wait until they will fix the problem and will let you know asap. You can always write us on our contact e mail or leave a public message on myspace/clanofxymox

New Tour dates are added.


Breaking Point up to number 2 in DAC charts 23 !

June 2006

Clan Of Xymox played for a full 8000 capacity venue AGRA hallen in their hometown Leipzig during the WGT on Sunday 04. The whole event was filmed by a professional camera crew and material will be certainly used for a future DVD. The atmosphere was more than ecstatic and the audience deafening loud and enthusiastic.

The WGT started off with the WGT opening ball in the Volkspalast in Leipzig. Pink Turns Blue was the backing band for the especially invited guest singers. Ronny Moorings performed 3 songs: Heroes of David Bowie and two Clan Of Xymox classics. This whole event was very unique because of the calibre of all the guest singers and of course the musical quality Pink Turns Blue delivered as a backing band. This was a night never to forget and will certainly go in the books of WGT as such!
The band and crew stayed for the whole event and had needless to say a great time. Over 20.000 people attended the event. Clan Of Xymox was featured by The Leipziger Volkzeitung and will have a follow up article later in the month.

May 2006

May was the month for lots of concerts for Clan Of Xymox .The most exotic and far away was Sao Paulo in Brazil.

The band arrived four days before the concert and had plenty of time to relax and see the sights of Sao Paulo. Ronny & Mojca were in Sao Paulo before , in 1999 to be exact, so they knew most places to go to with the rest of the band. The concert was held slightly outside of Sao Paulo (San Bernardo) where most people go to relax from the city. The venue is situated on a lake in the middle of trees and hills. On the night of the festival the main hall was reserved for Clan Of Xymox only and when the band started in the early hours , 4000 people made the venue shake on its foundations. The security was nearly a few times squashed by the security fences and made Ronny a few times appeal to the audience to calm down a bit....otherwise maybe people could have been killed. Luckily all went well , the Brazilians made again their reputation true by being passionate people! Clan Of Xymox played all their encores, the audience made them feel like it was a first time Beatles concert or the like..sometimes the monitors were overpowered by the deafening noise made by the fans.

During their Brazilian stay Clan Of Xymox visited many clubs , had autograph sessions , in short had a great time but unfortunately had to cancel the last scheduled cocktail party which supposed to have been held. This was because of the battles going on on the streets between criminals and the police. ( this was already visible a few days before when police had roadblocks all over town) Practically the whole of Sao Paulo came to a standstill, everyone fearing the lawlessness in the streets. That day the band heard machine gun fire , screeching police tyres, sirens , fire brigade , basically anything to make you feel Gotham city is actually Sao Paulo. The cocktail party was that night spontaneously held in the hotel lobby , no cocktails but just cans of beer..The next day things calmed down a bit in Sao Paulo and the band returned to Europe.

Sao Paulo is a very interesting city with over 18 million people living there. It is also one of the most dangerous cities on the planet. The last time Clan Of Xymox was there in 1999 a German Friend of Ronny & Mojca named Bernd was killed a few weeks later when the band was back home again.
A similar thing happened again : during WGT we had the message that the organizer Mauricio Mangia of Thorns Gothic Rave was brutally killed by car jackers. Clan Of Xymox is utterly shocked by this news and wish all his friends (esp. Humberto )lots of strength with this terrible senseless loss. Clan Of Xymox is honoured to have played the last Gothic Rave in Brazil and hopefully someone will take over the legacy of Mauricio so that he won't be forgotten. (r.i.p)


April 2006

Up to Nb 5 in DAC :)

new interview with Ronny at Gothtronic ( translated from the Dutch radio interview by Gothtronic into English)

and a brand new interview in German by Grenzwellen with Ecki Stieg

Breaking Point came in the DAC charts direct on Nb:9 On the 25th the album will be official released. It already has lots of raving reviews. Articles are published in every important music magazine for the scene. We will keep you updated on a regular basis. Of course the band is on tour the coming few months , so check out if Clan Of Xymox will be playing near you.


For the ones logging in tonight (20th of April) you can hear a new interview from Ecki Stieg live on radio with Ronny Moorings. The interview is in English and will most likely be also partly translated into German. The topic is of course the new album Breaking Point ! (click below for the link)


Another interview with Ronny Moorings will take place on the3rd of May in the evening (22.00-00.00)on Gothic Crush ( interview in Dutch)

March 2006

Direct links to Clan Of Xymox video's, go on our page to Information and click video !


Clan Of Xymox starts touring again , the first shows will take place in East Germany. A brand new set will be played.


new reviews added

February 2006

new: Clan Of Xymox videos uploaded !!

Clan Of Xymox have now also an official place at my space ( see below)It gives our fans a meeting point where they can interact with eachother. We hope all of you will get some great contacts there!

Finally our USA fans can download on i-Tunes USA the "Weak In My Knees" E.P. Just go to the Music store of i-Tunes (PC&MAC) on your (Mac) computer and type in Clan Of Xymox , the EP is available below. That's all! Of course all other on line services carry the EP as well :

Napster Music Yahoo AOL Music Now Musicmatch Buy.Com etc.

We hope the single is as much appreciated in the States as it is in Europe!

note : The video however is only available on the German import version sold through Metropolis in the USA.


"Weak In My Knees" E.P.hits Top 10 DAC charts in Germany ! ( DAC & Native 25)


Here is a pagelink for Clan Of Xymox done by Emilee (un-official but with consent)



ALBUM " BREAKING POINT" ( release 25th of April)

14. 04. Tübingen - Zentrum Zoo
14. 04. Saarlouis - Vauban Insel
15.04. Saarbrücken - Canossa
16.04. Chemnitz - Cub Vampire
18.04. Frankfurt - The Cave
21.04. Stuttgart - Zollamt
21.04. Kassel - Nachthallen
22.04. Hettenleidelheim - Eventruine
28.04. Aachen - Nightlife
29.04. Hannover - BAD
30.04. Kaufbeuren - Melodrom
05.05. Ulm - Cat Cafe
tba Leipzig - Darkflower


A brand new interview with AO4 of the magazine Elektra from Tokyo , Japan is on line.

January 2006

New "Weak In My Knees " reviews added plus general updates...


The new album title is now a fact, it is called : " Breaking Point" to be released end of April worldwide.


in the USA the new EP "Weak In My Knees " will only be available on-line trough i-Tunes from on the 21st of February. Metropolis Records however will carry imports from Europe...Where it is already released by Pandaimonium Records.




We wish all of you a very good New Year !


Clan Of Xymox is now officialy based in Leipzig , Germany. Of course for club going Leipzig this is already old news :)


The countdown for the new single has begun!


November 2005

A message for our Italian fans :

The Milan tour date previous scheduled has changed into Star City ( Bologna) Italy (7 dec)


The "Weak In My Knees" single is now definitely set for release on January 13th 2006


Despite still being advertized on the Shadowfest homepage Clan Of Xymox, Jesus Complex and Elusive will NOT appear on this festival in Sweden!


October 2005

Unfortunately there will be a slight delay in releasing the single "Weak In My Knees" as the delivery of the remixes caused a delay of several weeks. At the moment the single is mastered in the USA and a new date will be set. More news will follow soon!

September 2005

The new single named "Weak In My Knees" is to be released through Pandaimonium Rec in November will have 2 brand new tracks . Included will be a special bonustrack, a video and various remixes by The Azoic ,Dimitri (Iambia Audioplug) ,Grendel,and Haujob

"Weak In My Knees" was already played several times during Ronny's DJ set in various clubs/events ( WGT Agra Hallen) and already proved the song is an absolute dancefloor killer.

The new songs will be added to the live shows in November.


Note : Americans will be able to download this through i-Tunes because Metropolis does not release physical singles anymore.

The forthcoming new album is set for release early next year , also the DVD will be released later in 2006


The Guestpage has now a different appearance


July 2005

Clan of Xymox is available for downloading on i-Tunes (OSX link) now also in Europe, of course i-Tunes in the States does the C.O.X.catalogue also.


And again Ronny remixed a brand new track for the band Fading Colours. Further we don't have too much

news since all time is devoted by COX to create music and images...a new single is in preperation for the Autumn!!

June 2005

Ronny finished a remix of the song "Ashes" for the Frozen Autumn release. The remix will be included in TFA new release coming Fall on the Xymox Control label through Pandaimonium.

April 2005

New Live pictures from the concert in Lodz , Poland taken by Endzi and ThePesH

February 2005

Inbetween recordings Ronny made a remix for the Eternal Afflict.


COX finished their video shoot in an Amsterdam theatre and by what we have seen so far it looks very promising! The song which was filmed is a brand new one for the forthcoming album.


Ronny is half way recording and writing new material for a forthcoming album. It looks like

the release will be this year. Further is Clan Of Xymox shooting additional videos for the DVD, directed by Mojca.

Of course you will be the first to know on this page when all is finished and ready for release.

January 2005

We hope everyone will have a very good year to come!

New dates are added on the tour page.



December 2004

We wish everyone happy holidays.

Ronny & Mojca just came back from South Africa and a full report of the trip will be published in the German magazine Orkus.

Some band members of Clan Of Xymox are also abroad and in January the first show is planned in Luxumbourg ( see tour page)

September / October 2004

Pandaimonium Records has a new mail order page. New on offer are Clan Of Xymox buttons and T shirts and of course the complete Clan Of Xymox catalogue.


New interview & review Zeromagazine (en Italiano/ In Italian)


Download the Castleparty videoclip with the song " All I Have" ( Creatures album) C.O.X.

(Its not a videoclip of C.O.X. but The Castleparty's own promotion clip for their festival in Bolkow, Poland)


The entire page has been updated

We are proud to announce that The Best Of Clan OF Xymox went from number 7 to NUMBER 1 on the DAC Charts! ( week 44) & climbing up on the Native 25 Chart to number 6


If you are looking for giving your friends a present for Halloween or X-Mas , why not giving them the Best of Clan Of Xymox CD :)

Soon Clan Of Xymox T shirts will be made available throughout Europe and mailorder . We will inform you in due time where to order them. For now T shirts are available from Pandaimonium records


new review : Gothic Paradise

Reflection & Unruhr ( in German)

Xymox Control has finally their own site !

The Best Of Clan Of Xymox entered the DAC charts ( week 43 )in Germany on number 7

new tour & DJ dates added !


on line interviews:

Synthiepop de ( Deutsch)

Regen Magazine


review :

Gothic Paradise


Gothic Web Zine: The Right Kind of Spooky

Hard Wired

grenzwellen by Ecki Stieg

Shadowshire Review

Date Party Club Place DJ
03.09.04 Out of the Dark  Labor   Hannover AV & Doc
10.09.04 Kato   Berlin   Uwe Marx
10.09.04 Dark Flower   Leipzig Marko Meyer
11.09.04 Return of the Living Dead Markthalle Hamburg René Junge
11.09.04 Stuttgart Schwarz Röhre Stuttgart Dave
11.09.04 Pagan Love Songs Zwischenfall Bochum  
12.09.04 Dark Celebration Party N8schicht Bonn Christian Altenscheidt
16.09.04 Düstertag Eisenlager     Oberhausen Mike Kanetzky
18.09.04 Dark Night Nerodom     München Frank Ottenbacher


Date Place Club
9/16/04 Baltimore, MD The Depot
9/16/04 Houston, TX Numbers
9/20/04 Raleigh, NC Legends
9/21/04 Detroit, MI Darkwave Lounge
9/24/04 San Francisco, CA Luna Rouge
TBA Los Angeles, CA Fang Club


August 2004


Castle Party Pictures


New release party added! ( more to follow for the USA)


9/20/04 Raleigh, NC @ Legends Nightclub


Our dedicated lightengineer Lebo made pictures at Bolkow and likes to share these with you. See them at Fleshlights and also what happened with his hotel toilet....( click twice on the pictures so you get into the menu...then click pictures again)


July 2004

New promos pictures taken by Fabio Valliante of the band are now displayed under the section : PICTURES / PROMOS


Here are the September dates for the" Best Of C.O.X." release parties in Germany. There will be special t-shirt giveaways, cd's , posters, etc , but also exclusive videos will be shown in the club during the party !

Date Party Club Place DJ
03.09.04 Out of the Dark  Labor   Hannover AV & Doc
10.09.04 Kato   Berlin   Uwe Marx
10.09.04 Dark Flower   Leipzig Marko Meyer
11.09.04 Return of the Living Dead Markthalle Hamburg René Junge
11.09.04 Stuttgart Schwarz Röhre Stuttgart Dave
11.09.04 Pagan Love Songs Zwischenfall Bochum  
12.09.04 Dark Celebration Party N8schicht Bonn Christian Altenscheidt
16.09.04 Düstertag Eisenlager     Oberhausen Mike Kanetzky
18.09.04 Dark Night Nerodom     München Frank Ottenbacher

June 2004

Thanks to all our fans who have written us with their suggestions for their favourites to be included on the -Best Of -release. We have re-recorded : A Day , Louise , Back Door , Muscoviet Musquito and Stranger. Also some new mixes were made for other newer tracks. The full running order we'll let you know later as we like a bit of suspense.


In Dark Decorum Listeners Top 20 23rd May 2004 voted Farewell to number 1


So far we are getting great reactions and suggestions , thanks so far to everyone who has written to us, it is very usefull to us , so keep on sending us your favourites list!


September 13th will see a new release of the band , named BEST OF CLAN OF XYMOX . Of course the release is through Pandaimonium & Metropolis , highlighting the BEST OF CLAN OF XYMOX songs. Tracks will be picked from each Clan Of Xymox album and tracks from the first 2 albums will be re- recorded as the original versions. Fans can write their requests for their favourite tracks to be included , mail to : Xymox Control The most votes will ensure a placing on the album. The estimate of tracks will be roughly 13 to 14. The album will have a booklet with all lyrics included.

Keep in mind this is only for the Clan Of period and does not include the Xymox period.

May 2004

MAY 29th

Denise is back with the Clan again! Denise got more time on her hands to do live concerts with the band AND study at the same time ! We are sure a lot of fans of COX are delighted with this news! Her first new gig will be in Poland :)


New LIVE pictures of the concert at the Jolly Joker festival in Braunschweig 11-04-2004


Clan Of Xymox canceled their Mera Luna appearance , so the only summer festival where you can see the band in Germany is in Leipzig where they will headline at the parkbuhne on Saturday the 29th of May.


Clan Of Xymox just came back from their Mexican tour. The tour was an absolute success. The shows in Mexico City, Mazatlan & Tijuana drew a lot of attention of the press from Mexican newspapers and interviews were given at radio stations. Judging by the reactions of the fans on our guestpage who attended the shows everyone was totally moved by the show. Pictures of the shows etc can be viewed on the BOX website!


New interviews are now online with :

The D-side ( Italy)
interview in italian and english

Marock Magazine : French version of interview on :
the english version on :

or read the UK Magazine Kaleidoscope issue 16 , summer issue 2004 ( UK)

March 2004

Please check our live pictures page, where you'll find new links to live COX concert pictures!

February 2004

DJ Revelation 2
to buy online click on HERE
it's listed under VARIOUS ARTISTS and in the NEW RELEASES section...


Our old guest page is no longer in use due to the fact that our provider My guestpage .com pulled the plug and stopped all their activities . We have now another guestpage because it is an important feature for us all. All the old messages we hope to be able to retrieve if they ever come back on line.


Ronny finished a remix of the song Citadel of the Cruxshdows, it is a promise this

is going to be a club stomper :)

Also Ronny and Mojca are working on a DVD to be released hopefully this year.


We are happy to announce that the DJ album is released, see info below :


available now !!! presented by Orkus

Cat. Number : SPV CD 085-81712

(press release)

January 2004

CLAN OF XYMOX - DJ COMPILATION compiled by Ronny Moorings: Various Artists - DJ Revelation Volume 2 of the ongoing DJ Revelation series offers the first compilation ever to be compiled by international legends Clan Of Xymox. Ronny Moorings as singer, songwriter and head of the Clan Of Xymox is not only known for his enchanting musical compositions but also for his skill as a DJ. Thus, he was an excellent choice as compiler for this album, following the idea of popular stars of the scene acting as DJs, mixing their most favourite songs on one compilation. Ronny Moorings has picked out such gifted artists as HOCICO, ROTERSAND, ASSEMBLAGE 23, MESH and COVENANT...DJ Revelation 2 also includes an exclusive remix of Clan of Xymox ''Farewell'', remixed by Jesus Complex! Release date: Jan 26, 2004
Tracklisting: 01 Assemblage 23 - Disappoint ( Funker Vogt Remix ) 02 Diorama - Advance 03 Pride And Fall - Omniscient 04 Lights Of Euphoria feat. Ronan Harris - Consequence ( Face Yourself ) 05 Belief - World Within You 06 Rotersand - Merging Oceans 07 Mesh - Leave You Nothing 08 Covenant - We Stand Alone 09 Hocico - Starving Children 10 Jesus Complex - Deaths Door 11 The Retrosic - Taste Of Death ( Requiem Edit 1 ) 12 Clan Of Xymox - Farewell ( Jesus Complex Remix ) 13 Lamia - Dunkel Leben 14 Morthem Vlade Art - Beyond Sorrow 15 Suicide Commando - Hellraiser.




BOUDOIR -"Currency Of The Soul"



Clan Of Xymox is featured on th French Premonition Magazine site

& a kick ass review in the Russian Synthez Observer

and Sonidobscuro with also drawings of Ronny & Mojca

After 10 weeks Farewell is still in the Dutch DUC charts !

December 2003

Clan Of Xymox wishes to thank everyone who's been to their concerts, bought the albums, wrote emails, in short everyone who's been supporting them in any way. Clan Of Xymox takes a break this December and will return next year when they continue their live shows.( see listed under tour) Two new members will join the band and will be introduced in January 2004. Denise started school again and can no longer combine live performances with her studie. She will be replaced by Lilah . Paul will be replaced by Mario who also plays with the band Sophya.

Ronny will play in December 2 shows with Jesus Complex


October 2003

Farewell reached Number 2 on the World DJ charts

Farewell reached Number 1 at the German DAC charts !!!

The South American tour was an absolute success for Clan Of Xymox.

A short report :
At the airport in Lima hundreds of people were welcoming the band like they never experienced before,
chanting Xymox, Xymox!!, a flood of camera flashes going off, kissing the van,trying to get a handshake or glimpse of the band freshly arriving. A portion of the fans jumped in cabs or cars and followed the flabbergasted band to the hotel and waited outside for hours just to get a glimpse or autograph of the Clan.
The next day the band did interviews for radio and TV and an autograph session which lasted 3 hours non stop signing.
The first concert in the club Nebula in Lima was a private ( "secret") concert for a limited amount of people who enjoyed a complete set and two encores, leaving crowds outside just to wait for the band to leave for the hotel, creating the same kind of scenes experienced at the airport.

Finally at the 4th of October the Clan gave their first official concert at the Ambassador theater were 1600 enthousiastic Peruvians would not let the band go off stage after already playing one and a half hours so they played another half hour of encores under the deafening cheers of the crowd. For the band and the fans it was certainly a historic night. It will never be forgotten.

COX went the day after the show to Machu Picchu near Cuzco were they had a private tour into the Sacret Valley and walked through the ancient town on top of the Andes mountains Machu Picchu. ( We might see that in a future video clip)

In Chile, Santiago Clan Of Xymox returned for the second time, filling the venue Blondie with over two thousand fans. The same enthousiasm as the Peruvian fans was shown here, also they would not let the Clan go off stage that easily and again the band played for two hours, despite the fact that there were some small little hiccups with the P.A. cables of Blondie it did not deter the band from playing on.

The next night Ronny DJ- ed at Blondie with two body guards posted next to him. Ronny spinned records for 3 hours non stop, whilst the crowd heard the latest tunes and equally danced non stop!
The band had interviews on radio stations with Rolando Ramos, the most famous radio DJ of Chile, in store appearances and parties.

The organizer took the band to the famous vine yard Concha Y Toro where they make the famous Castillero Del Diablo wine ( Ronny & Mojca's favourite wine). Also they visited the oldest observatory in Latin America on top of the mountain in Santiago.

The band was well relaxed when they went to their last destination in Latin America: Buenos Aires
The Clan had a few days to relax so most members went into town being tourists, buying clothes and CD's (at Stigmata) which are 3 times less the price than in Europe.

On the 16th Ronny & Mojca did a long ( 2 hour) interview for the radio in between various tracks of COX, and finally on Friday the 17th the Clan played at Teatro Arlequines.

550 fans were gathered and the place was full. Due to the financial troubles in Argentina a lot of people unfortunately do not have the resources to attend a live show( or any show for that matter)but the place was packed and very hot and steamy, according to Ronny one of the hottest places he ever played. Right from the start of the first song the whole floor was shaking and the front of the stage bounced happily as well. The band was afraid the whole floor would collapse! When the third song "Jasmine &Rose" was played the whole crowd chanted the melody lines and continued to do so with nearly every song. The atmosphere was boiling, sweaty and everyone was going out of their heads, simply unforgettable.
Two encores were played and the Clan decided they could not play more because it was simply too hot to continue. Also the support acts who supposed to play were re scheduled to play after the concert of Clan Of Xymox, which gave the band a good opportunity to check out Argentina's hopefuls. Ronny knew already one of the bands " Lamia" who he played in his DJ set before so he had a great time meeting them and seeing their show.
The next day Ronny DJ-ed at the Fiesta Gotica de Los Eternos for 2 hours, giving autographs whilst spinning records:)
All in all the whole tour was a great experience for the band and the appreciation level of all the fans over there was astonishing.

Clan Of Xymox certainly hopes to go back in a couple of years.

September 2003

The Lyrics of Farewell are now on our site !


NEW !! Review by Nocturnal Hall


Hasta pronto en Peru, Chile y Argentina !


NEW!! Review by Bill Mahoney



"Farewell" is already number 1 on the Metropolis Top Ten Sellers Charts!!


Clan Of Xymox release parties at :

August 30 New York, NY @ NYCDecay
September 2 Chicago, IL @ Nocturna
September 3 Baltimore, MD @ Side Bar
September 4 Philadelphia, PA @ Revenant
September 7 Nashville, TN @ Salvation
September 11 Houston, TX @ Resurrection
September 12 Lansing, MI @ Odyssey
September 13 Eureka, CA @ Eros
September 13 Montreal, QUE @ Saphir
September 15 San Francisco, CA @ Death Guild
September 16 Ft Meyers, FL @ Attrition
September 19 Washington DC @ White

For the ones who live close to Kansas, USA: there will be a record release party for Clan Of Xymox with
a live performance of Jesus Complex at Evolution Monday 1st of September

August 2003

Read the Hard Wired review ( 4 stars out of 4)
In ORKUS chosen as Act Of The Month !
& Orkus review gives "Farewell" a 10 out of 10

Read the review


pre order now " Farewell" !!! @ Pandaimonium ( Germany)
or Metropolis ( USA )

We are pleased to announce that Zillo magazine placed " Farewell" number 1
on their soundcheck list.


The famous Mick Mercer ( Melody Maker , Starvox, Gothic Rock books ) says :
"this has class from top to tail!"

"You can't go wrong with this, as it fills your room without being too
demanding, allowing you to fully appreciate and get to grips with
exquisite emotional etchings".


Articles will appear in September/ October with brand new interviews in :
Orkus, Zillo, Sonic Seducer, D-Side, Elegy, Sideline,Alternative Press and many more.

July 2003

Listen / download some snippets of Farewell

The first review of the new album got from the notorious German magazine Orkus a 10 out of 10 !!


Ronny 's comments about the new album "Farewell"

Pretty much exactly two years passed since the release of CLAN OF XYMOX  latest album "Notes From The Underground". Years in which the band had been busy with touring and using the rare spare time to work on the new album. Ronny Moorings: " In my opinion 2 years is just enough time to come up with enough material and inspiration, but to me I need to play live and go places, otherwise I would not feel the drive to start writing new music again."
"Farewell" is a very suitable title in these days: " To me, says Ronny, "I said in my entire life farewell to a lot of people and of course that might relate to a situation like that , but also I have like anybody else sometimes the feeling to change my life, do different things and just leave. This feeling got triggered when I had discussions with friends about the future of music, about the future of having a band and releases. We got to the conclusion that the music business future for bands who do not make popular music looks bleaker than ever, you hear about so many bands having a very hard time, especially with people rather copying records than buying one ( which makes the label and the artist not very happy indeed)  This inspired me to write about basically leaving everything behind and to go away."
Musically spoken the album follows the Clan Of Xymox tradition from the very early days in 1984/85. "From day one", Ronny quotes,  "when Clan Of Xymox was formed I combined guitars with synths, this was the sort of blueprint to write music." The styles of Clan Of Xymox kept changing during the years with a lot of experiments but always a definable sound anyone could easily recognize as Clan Of Xymox. But to categorize the sound of the band is almost impossible and only a hybrid like Dark Goth Electro seems reasonable. Many songs have a  danceable  beat, very club friendly tracks but also very moody atmospheric tracks.
The "Clan" returned with "Hidden Faces" in 1997 a long way has been taken. Ronny thinks: "there is a consistent development of the sound of Clan Of Xymox, going along with the times, trying to take the best elements and combining new sounds  and techniques with the typical Clan Of Xymox sound. We built up a loyal fan base over the years and are one of those fortunate bands who can rely on them throughout the world. Of course Clan Of Xymox will always be there for them and I do my ultimate best to deliver every time my best album ever. This is my aim and I indeed hope that everyone will like the new album as much as I do."
Many of the Clan Of Xymox are sometimes worried for Ronny Moorings's emotional life. The lyrics represent the sad and bitter side of love and relationships, that almost anyone lived and not anyone survived. " First of all" says Ronny, "you should not take my lyrics so literal as they appear in print. Past experiences are always a big resource , but also others peoples problems are an inspiration to me. Often I get to hear all these heartbroken stories , relation problems or I spot funny behaviors of people , these are all the ingredients you can use to make a song that much more personal, because it relates to something or someone you have in mind. I rarely tell the person though that it's about him or her but I am sure they would recognize themselves anyway :)"
Farewell was recorded in Spring 2003 at "The Torture Garden" and will be released in Europe and the USA on September the 9th of 2003.

May 2003

The new album of Clan Of Xymox is finished!
the album title is : "Farewell"
planned release : September 6th 2003


The latest signing on Xymox Control is the Greek act : DARK RUNNER

The release of the album " AWAKEN ALL MYTHS" is on June 27th by PANDAIMONIUM RECORDS , pre orders can already be made...



JESUS COMPLEX entered the DAC charts with a bullet to number 10.


March 2003

New tour dates are added ( see tour) !!

The new album is reaching it's final stages. The working name for the album is : Farewell


February 2003

The label of Clan Of Xymox has signed a new act, called JESUS COMPLEX

It is the band of Damon Fries, guitarist of BOUDOIR ( known from "Songs Of Pain" and soundman of CLAN OF XYMOX. The debut album called "I Woke Up Dead" will be released on March 21st 2003. You can expect heavy and highly innovative electronical music, free of cliches and stolen properties. On one song " Lost In Sleep " you can hear Ronny Moorings as a guest lead vocalist.

Jesus Complex is reportedly rehearsing for their debut show for GothAM V in Paradiso , 15th of March. The live line up of the band will be : Damon Fries - vocals , Ala Sharon & Ronny Moorings on Keyboards.

The album " I Woke Up Dead" will be already available at GothAM !!
or pre- order at PANDAIMONIUM 


 Anther release coming up is from SOPHYA,

their new album "Dream" will see daylight on April the 4th of 2003. A wonderful blend of heavenly voices tunes with dreamy guitars and a smooth bassplay that gives you wonderful help to forget the daily nightmare. The perfect follow up to their already amazing debut "The Age Of Sophya"

pre-order at PANDAIMONIUM

click HERE for listening to Jesus Complex and Sophya !


Clan Of Xymox

 After the release of the latest successful single " There Is No Tomorrow " Ronny is now intensively working in his studio "The Torture Chamber" on the new album which can be expected on September the 5th of 2003. Patience will pay off - promised!


January 2003

A new year has begun and we decided to give our homepage a complete new face designed by Mojca. We hope you like it !


December 2002

Seasonal greetings to everyone, thanks for supporting us , wherever you are !


Clan Of Xymox just came back from Mexico. The reports are that they had an absolute
great time.

Guadalajara saw the first of them at a pre party in Les Fleurs Du Mort , giving a press conference and autographs to legions of people, the band reported to haved loved the audience and venue ( Hard Rock Live). Thanks to Pur Zynth who did a great job promoting the band in several newspapers.

In Mexico City the band played not as previously advertized but in La Victoria, the show started due to a failing monitor system (which never worked despite all the efforts of the technical crew) 3 hours latebut Clan Of Xymox pulled of the show wonderfully, convincing the crowd even more that the band cares about their fans !

(the band wishes to thank the fans who endured waiting outside in the cue for such a long time and being so enthousiastic during the show)

Further the Clan did a TV appearance on Canal 7, a MTV type of music channel and of course lots of interviews.

The band regrets that they did not have time after the concert (there was no afterparty) to meet and greet their loyal fans



Due to the fact the Box was not completely finished the show was moved to a historic cultural protected seaside Marine base, surrounded by walls with old canons on top! The open air show was unique in it's kind for the simple reason that never ever a Gothic or Electro act had ever performed in Mazatlan.

The dedication of the Box and it's staff was reported incredible, not forgetting the crowd of course!

Hopefully next year the Clan will perform really in the BOX !

Further the band made some guest apperances on the radio, playing their favourite tunes for the Mazatlan people.


The December issue of Zillo Musicmagazine includes a video CD featuring also Clan Of Xymox live at the Zillo festival 2001.

"There's No Tommorow " is hailed by Orkus magazine as Maxi single of the month and has entered the DAC charts!


October 2002

Clan Of Xymox reached number 7 on the Top 40 Gothic, Ethereal,
Darkwave, New wave and Darksynth Acts of all Time


New !

The Gothic 2 book (in Germany) is out now with also an exclusive story from Ronny about Clan Of Xymox. Available at ( best.N. 4348-064 )


September 2002

There's No Tomorrow

release : friday 28 th of September !!

The new single contains 8 tracks

1. There's No Tomorrow ( album version ) 7.02
2. Courageous 5.12
3. The Second Time 4.40 (exclusive extra b-side)
4. There's No Tomorrow (The Frozen Autumn Remix) 7.52
5. There's No Tomorrow (Fading Colours Remix) 4.43
6. There's No Tomorrow (Run Level Zero Remix) 5.00
7. There's No Tomorrow ( Original club version ) 6.00
8. There's No Tomorrow (radio edit version ) 3.52

released by Pandaimonium Records

shop advice price :€ 7.49


As you might have noticed we were 5 days not reachable for some weird technical reason, we apologize for the inconvenience.

Pictures of Clan Of Xymox at the Castle Party show in Poland


July 2002

A new single ( " There's No Tomorrow " ) which the Clan already performs live

will see the light in September included with remixes from

Frozen Autumn , Fading Colours and Run Level Zero !!!


June 2002

Link to L'erba Della Strega where you can see picures of the shows in Italy plus

read their impressions!


Clan Of Xymox favourite restaurant in Milan is : VLAD - Gothic Restaurant , check out this
absolutely gorgeous Gothic restaurant and see the Clan SMILE!!


Remixes from the Underground came in at the DAC charts at number 4 ,
also a thank you to all our fans who bought the special edition of the remixes,
it is now SOLD OUT !!!
Ofcourse the normal double CD version will be available !


May 2002


link to some live pictures from the Antwerp concert

The Remixes From The Underground Limited Edition are out now!
( Pandaimonium Records )

The USA normal jewel case release will be early June on
Metropolis Records


For everyone interested in the remixes Ronny did for other artist can now listen to them on the releases from In Strict Confidence " Hertzattacke" and the "Wide Awake" single from DJ RAM ( Russia) , featuring Stefan Netschio ( Beborn Beton )


April 2002

There is a new German Fanclub online !



For the ones who haven't heard the new album yet can now listen to "the Bitter Sweet" from the album "Notes From The Underground"


March 2002

Out now on " Songs of Pain" by Pandaimonium an exclusive track by C.O.X. called " There's No Tomorrow". This songs proves to be a new hit for the band !!

Clan Of Xymox starts touring again , highlighting this time the new songs from " Notes From The Underground"and some of their all time classics !



The end of April will see the release of the "Remixes From the Underground " remixed by: Aïboforcen , Angels & Agony, Assemblage 23, Beborn Beton, Cut Rate Box , In Strict Confidence, Damon Fries of Boudoir , Dierk Budde , DJ RAM , Front 242 , Iris, Michael Balch ( ex Front Line Assembly) Perfidious Words , Idan K. of Sophya and Tri- State.

The limited edition digi pack contains also a special CD with a video interview / clips etc. (rougly 30 minutes)


January 2002

NEW !!!

Now you can download tracks for free. The 2 albums which Ronny called the material from "The London Days" ( of which he distanced himself later on , calling it an experiment from the ninenties) is now available for downloading.
More is to follow.... So far you can download 3 tracks and later even the whole infamous albums " Headclouds" and " Metamorphosis"
click here
Just see how fresh these tracks still sound although they were recorded in the year 1992 and 1993


Ronny just finished writing and mixing a track for " Songs Of Pain", the first label compilation of Pandaimonium Records to be released in April!
order here online


Remixes From The Undergound

Currently Clan Of Xymox is compiling all remixes from known bands from the scene. All the remixes are tracks taken from the album "Notes From The Underground" and the release should be roughly around April this year.
More news to come !!


December 2001

Happy New Year to everyone !

Thank you for supporting us !

-----'s Top 15 albums of the year 2001 was compiled recently. We're happy that Clan of Xymox

"Notes from the Underground" is Number 1



The John Peel Sessions with Clan Of Xymox recorded in the early Eighties will be released by the BBC's "Strange Fruit" label, the release date is 12/11/2001


"Notes From The Underground" reached last week number 2 and remains this week on the number 2 spot of the German DAC Charts! (previous 2 weeks nr.3)



The new album " Notes From The Underground" has been released both by Metropolis (USA) and Pandaimonium Records (Europe). The total lenght of the album is 66 minutes !!!


01. Innocent
02. I want you now
03. Internal Darkness
04. At your Mercy
05. Anguish
06. Number One ( mp3)
07. Into her Web
08. The bitter Sweet
09. Liberty
10. Something Wrong
11. Mysterium
12. The same Dream
( extra Bonus Track)



The Clan just came back from the Mera Luna festival and the report is that they played in front of 30.000 people playing also two brand new songs from the new album for the very first time !



New Pix from Wim De Nooyer of COX @ the Eurorock Concert


JULY 2001

Audio interview with Ronny on Audiocrib


JUNE 2001

Interview with Ronny in Object A, an underground music webzine a complete
Clan of Xymox Guide

Live pictures from :
Zillo Festival 16th june 2001
El Blondie , Santiago Chili


February 2001

Clan Of Xymox have introduced two new band members at their Paradiso show:
New on keyboards : Denise
On second guitar : Paul

Nina could no longer perform live with the band because of her new time consuming job.

January 2001

Ronny, Mojca of Clan Of Xymox and DJ Marcel decided to organize under the name GothAM a regular
Gothic-Dark Wave-Industrial- EBM event in Paradiso - Amsterdam.
The first festival took place on the 10th of March .
You can check out further details on the home page of GothAM.

December 2000

For everyone who is interested in Polish Gothic Art or the latest interview with Clan Of Xymox in Poland can check this link Gothic Art
Of course in print you can find articles, reviews etc. in the usual alternative music magazines
like Zillo is featuring Clan Of Xymox in this months issue and Orkus has a very good live review plus picture and raving reviews about the latest released single "Liberty" and the Live album in the November issue!


Alternative Press USA will feature an interview soon.

November 2000

We got a report back from the band that their show at Whitby (UK) was an absolute success! 3000 dressed up Goths and likes in the small harbor town Withby made an unforgettable impression on COX.
COX was headlining the festival on a Saturday and the crowd could not get enough and danced all the way through the concert.

Did you know Captain Cook was born in Whitby and Bram Stoker got his inspiration for the Dracula story there?


The single "Liberty" reached this week number 12 in the DAC charts! (Germany)


Further you can find new live pictures on our tour page (just click on the venue you 're interested in )

October 2000

The LIVE Album went straight to number 13 on the WOM sales charts in Germany!


The new single "LIBERTY" has been released in the USA on the 31st of October by Metropolis and in Europe it will be available from on the 20th of October by Pandaimonium Records.
It includes : Liberty / Number One / At Your Mercy / Liberty -Greg Rule Remix-
Orders can be made at Metropolis and Pandaimonium.




July -August-September 2000

After a short break due to holidays, mixing the "Live" album and recording the single "Liberty


Clan Of Xymox decided to release their first official LIVE album ever. The live recordings were taken from their live shows in Central and South America last year and re mixed by Ronny Moorings.
The double album contains almost a historic overview of the Clan Of Xymox
songs, a lot of 4-AD material which sounds fresh and authentic, and of course material of the last two albums "Hidden Faces" and "Creatures". All will be accompanied with a booklet containing colour live & backstage
pictures, naturally all artwork is designed by Mojca. The videos are of the songs Jasmine & Rose , a concert video shot at Dresden and a video of one of their classic songs called "Stranger".
In short a celebration to their fans with 19 live tracks and 2 videos !
Here is the track listing for the LIVE Double Album.
The Album is called: Live

Track listing CD 1
1. Stranger
2. Cry In The Wind
3. This World
4. Jasmine & Rose
5. A Day
6. Louise
7. Creature
8. Back Door
9. Out Of The Rain
10.Taste Of Medicine

Track listing CD 2 :
1. Obsession
2. Muscoviet Mosquito
3. Michelle
4. Craving
5. Agonized By Love
6. Hypocrite
7. The Story Ends
8. ( video file) Jasmine & Rose "live at Dresden"
9. ( video file) Stranger

June 2000

Clan Of Xymox is wearing boots made by  Pennangalan Dreams,
  You can check out and order these cool boots on their web site
You can now download the video from A DAY

April 2000

Clan Of Xymox had a great time seeing Faith And The Muse and they sounded
great. When William saw Ronny and Mojca in the crowd he played the little
intro of A Day looking if it was really them and when they smiled back he
knew for sure. He also dedicated a song to Ronny and Mojca and they were
very flattered by this gesture of course. After the concert Clan of Xymox
hung out with FATM till the venue closed. A perfect night with a perfect band.
Clan of Xymox hopes you will be able to see them in your neighbourhood.

Debrah La Rue also know as the Dark Poet from the Dark Poets Society
recently released her Cyclo Drama poetry book.(Easy Break Publishing)
The book is dedicated to Clan Of Xymox and has even some poetry about Ronny
and the Clan.
According to Ronny it is a brilliant new release of Debrah and recommends
it to everyone who is into the darker side of poetry.
Did anyone of you know that the Dark Poet has a tattoo of Clan Of Xymox on
her arm?
It looks great!
websites: or

March 2000

Clan Of Xymox just returned from Mexico where they played in a sold out
(20.000 people ) former Olympic Stadium "Palacio De Los Deportes" in
Mexico City. The crowd was completely wild and ecstatic. During the show
people fainted and others walked literally on other peoples heads as some
form of stage diving as the security worked overtime to keep people behind
the fences.In short it was a wild experience for the band.
Also Live recordings were made at the Salon 21 concert for a to be released
live album later this year (if we can hear the music as the deafening
screaming even overpowered the PA system at times!)

The album of Clan Of Xymox "CREATURES" reached number 1 at the Musicfolio 1999 Top 15 Albums !!!

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